Curated space at The Riveter: Marina Del Rey


Come celebrate the opening of our 6th soft core exhibition featuring a showcase of our artists's in collaboration with The Riveter in Marina Del Rey. 

Opening: January 25th 6-8pm 
The Riveter, 4505 Glencoe Ave, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 

This group of artist's are LA locals focusing on the landscape, culture, and atmosphere of our city. This exhibition explores this content within the joint work environment of The Riveter. This cohabitational work space is permiated with artwork that reflects different aspects of Los Angeles ranging from all corners of our city. 

We are pleased to be featuring: 

Brant Ritter
Katya Usvitskky
Sean Noyce
j. frede
Michael Shields 
Stacy Elaine Decheux
Michelle Jane Lee
Christine Mahoney
Tony Larson
Christine Han 
Jenny Ziomek
Patrick Jones
Iain Muirhead  

assuage the algorithm

assuage the alg.jpg


How is anyone coping?

Gentle nudging, adjusting, and rearranging. We to try to fit in and keep our heads up to avoid stubbing toes and bumping shins.

We pretend.  

We shift, reevaluate, and start over— one step forward and two steps back.

It's all hectic. We're all trying to get by.

Soft Core LA Presents it's 5th art exhibition at Monte Vista Projects.

formless and fragile


Featuring guest curator Alexis Hyde. 


Opening Reception:
January 27th 6-9pm
428 S. Hewitt St
LA, CA 90013

I want to feel indulgent. I want art for art's sake. I want beauty for no reason at all. Nonsensical movements and colors and patterns for no other reason than we can.

More delicate, less sturdy. Sick of logic and reason and worry and anxiety.

Looking for luxurious gestures and unforseen consequences. Less planning. More execution. More confidence. Less outlines and more as it lays. The result of these impulses is Formless and Fragile, a one night pop-up in the Los Angeles Arts District of artists who indulge in similar instincts. Who are pursuing beauty and abstrction and absurdity and journeys with no end. Enjoy yourself. We are.

soft. core. Los Angeles

soft. core. is a pop up group show featuring Los Angeles and New York artists that are exploring themes of vulnerability and strength within their work. The show will consist of paintings, drawings, and sculptures all featuring a soft side to the artist’s practice. The show highlights artwork that is petite in scale with conceptual strength to both engage the viewer and draw them in closer. Come and experience soft. core. for only one night in the Los Angeles Arts District. 


Hosted and curated by Megan St.Clair. 


Opening reception: June 10th 6-9pm 

1340 e 6th street, LA 90021 suite #402